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by Jacob FloresJune 12, 2017
Anonymous June 12, 201719:58

Hello, I am Jacob Flores and we are minutes away from the 2017 Ubisoft Conference

Anonymous June 12, 201719:58

For any of you viewing this in the present or future, I welcome you to see my insight as I view the conference live

Anonymous June 12, 201720:00

And it begins now

Anonymous June 12, 201720:02

An opening between Nintendo’s Mario and Ubisoft’s Rabidds.

Anonymous June 12, 201720:03

Nintendo’s Miyamoto entering, a nice surprise from Nintendo

Anonymous June 12, 201720:05

It’s a replica weapon from the game. A bit awkward but all good fun all around. Odd, but interesting how two foreigners talk to eachother

Anonymous June 12, 201720:06

I personally have never played a Rabbids game, will be an interesting collaboration to say the least, for me anyways

Anonymous June 12, 201720:08

Strategy and tactics, perhaps a RTS?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:10

I’m guessing that’s the over world for the game

Anonymous June 12, 201720:12

The game play seems to be not unlike XCOM. The cover system, abilities, even the enemy down cutscenes

Anonymous June 12, 201720:13

Characters and weapons, might want to pause on those screens for the whole lists

Anonymous June 12, 201720:14

I can’t seem to recall a Mario game with that type of gameplay before, they did say it was never done beofre

Anonymous June 12, 201720:15

Barry jumping in here as well, you could argue that the closest game to that is Super Mario RPG.

It’s certainly a unique looking game that will be a good boost to the Switch lineup.

Anonymous June 12, 201720:16

Also, that Peach Rabbid is the stuff of nightmares!

Anonymous June 12, 201720:16

Maybe more of collaboration is in order? Say Rabbids for Nintendo Switch Smash Bros?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:16

Ah Hello, Barry! Glad you can join me here

Anonymous June 12, 201720:17

A Ubisoft icon, Assassins Creed: Origins is next

Anonymous June 12, 201720:20

A bit of trivia, ancient Egypt would be the franchise’s earliest date in Human history a game is set in

Anonymous June 12, 201720:20

It looked quite good at the Microsoft Presser last night. Not been interested in an Assassin’s Creed game since Brotherhood, so the fact that it caught my attention can only be good!

Anonymous June 12, 201720:22

After the Conference there is a 30 min gameplay for Assassins Creed Origins

Anonymous June 12, 201720:23

Guessing this is The Crew 2

Anonymous June 12, 201720:24

You guessed right

Anonymous June 12, 201720:26

I hope they don’t show off a car like yesterday

Anonymous June 12, 201720:28

Land, air, sea, even off road. It’s all here in The Crew 2

Anonymous June 12, 201720:29

It certainly makes it stand out more than other open world racing games by adding in the air and sea.

Anonymous June 12, 201720:30

All of these vehicles could make for some interesting races, but more amazing crashes in my opinion

Anonymous June 12, 201720:33

I wonder how much of South Park will be censored in Europe again?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:35

Whatever this is, it looks pretty interesting.

Anonymous June 12, 201720:35

An Ubisoft VR game, Transference, did I see it being played by four people?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:35

Could be a VR Killer app, if it lives up to my imagination

Anonymous June 12, 201720:35

Reminds me of a party game honestly

Anonymous June 12, 201720:37

It seems Ubisoft is returning to the Pirate genre. I guess Black Flag was very successful for them to be doing ship to ship combat again

Anonymous June 12, 201720:38

Pirates in games are a fairly under represented Genre, to be fair, there will only really be this and Sea of Thieves coming out and they are different enough

Anonymous June 12, 201720:40

That’s true. Even though they are made for different type of gamers, I wonder which will come out on top

Anonymous June 12, 201720:41

Was that Sea shanties from Black Flag I just heard?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:43

Are the whole crew on the ship players? If so that is a lot of players. Most likely the players will probably be captains of their own ship

Anonymous June 12, 201720:45

I would imagine that each player will control a ship, it’d be difficult to get people to co operate on operating a ship. It’s hard enough getting people to man guns in Battlefield!

Anonymous June 12, 201720:46


Anonymous June 12, 201720:46

Right, haha. But just look at Sea of Thieves, they got cooperation down to one ship

Anonymous June 12, 201720:47

That’s it for Skull & Bones, now it’s a show for Just Dance

Anonymous June 12, 201720:48

Dancing Panda for best E3 Presenter 2017

Anonymous June 12, 201720:49

Eh, not better than Left Shark. But sure it wins for E3 2017

Anonymous June 12, 201720:51

South Park for Phones, will it be delayed 500 times like the console games?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:52

Is this game for the Switch, another collaboration from Ubisoft with Nintendo?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:53

Looks like it’s for everything

Anonymous June 12, 201720:54

Interesting that they use figurines and not Amiibos, will we see more of this?

Anonymous June 12, 201720:54

Can’t help but think they’re a bit late with the Toys to Life things, but given how Skylanders, Disney and Lego have all pretty much stopped now they’ve probably got the market cornered.

Anonymous June 12, 201720:55

Cornered for disaster probably, seeing how Disney stopped with all that

Anonymous June 12, 201720:58

Far Cry 5 time now.

Anonymous June 12, 201721:00

That explains the no government or military? No Cellphone signal? How far is that place?

Anonymous June 12, 201721:01

I see the camera is back for Farcry 5

Anonymous June 12, 201721:03

I imagine there’s a crazy religious cult somewhere very offended by this trailer.

Anonymous June 12, 201721:04

It showed off the supports in the game, from aircraft to even a dog

Anonymous June 12, 201721:07

Beyond Good and Evil 2 looking very different there.

Anonymous June 12, 201721:08

Nice to see Michel Ancel. He’s getting very emotional there.

Anonymous June 12, 201721:11

A humbling journey that must’ve been for these people

Anonymous June 12, 201721:11

And with that, the Ubisoft conference has come to a close

Anonymous June 12, 201721:13

A shame we didn’t see anything for the Division or Siege

Anonymous June 12, 201721:14

E3 is not over and we hope to cover all the conferences for this year. I’m Jacob Flores and I hope you enjoyed the Conference as much as I did

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