Creative Assembly, the minds behind the brilliant and beloved Total War series have announced a new type of Total War game, it is called Total War Saga.

The series’ games typically take place during chaotic or troubled points in human history. The player picks their favored faction and seemingly rewrites history, making peace with a defensive role or, as the title states, bring total war. The policy of diplomacy and tactic in the battlefield is always up to the player.

This new series, Total War Saga will be a spin-off. Usually in the main games the time periods are vast and the historical events during the game times are just a footnote in your events tab.

These new types of games promise to center themselves between key historical changes such as revolution, or civil war. The games will take only a few decades and be brief seeing how an event can only have just enough war in it before it is over.

This news leaves fans of the series perplexed as Creative Assembly does touch up on these events in the way of DLC and even the main series. Total War: Attila revolves around one man and his rise to power; Attila the Hun. Total War: Shogun 2’s DLC Fall of the Samurai centers around the Japanese civil war, the Boshin War which in history, was resolved in about a year.

Even further back, Total War: Rome has DLC that follows the conquest of Alexander The Great, this will most probably be what we will most likely receive in terms of relatively.

Recently, the series has partnered with Games Workshop and is working on the Warhammer Fantasy series. They hope to release a trilogy and the second game is set to release 28th of this September. Creative Assembly announced that they will work on both the fantasy and historical settings, so this new series is most likely their answer.

Will all these projects and Total War: Arena being developed on, fans fear that quality of the games is sure to suffer.

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