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ESL Changes Cheating and Match-Fitching Sanctions

ESL, an eSports organization famous for it’s Counter-Strike tournaments, has aligned its sanctions with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC). These sanctions came from the results an ESIC survey focused on finding the proper repercussions according to the eSport community. This also includes lifting the indefinite match-fixing bans placed on former IBUYPOWER members. New sanctions include a 5 year ban for match fixing and a minimum of 2 years for cheating. For subsequent infractions, more severe sanctions will be implemented.

According to Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President Product of ESL,

We believe that integrity and fair play are of the utmost importance in esports, and our updated catalogue of sanctions reflects that commitment. All of these adjustments do not apply to bans and punishments issued by Valve directly though, which will still be in place for all Valve sponsored tournaments run by ESL, such as Majors.”  

These sanctions are in effect for all ESL and ESEA events and tournaments.


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