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Final Fantasy XV Windows and Pocket Editions announced

At Gamescom Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV was coming to PC and Android/iOS. The Windows Edition of the game is being billed as the Ultimate Version of the game and features all content in the console release (including all additions via DLC and patches since release) and will feature enhanced graphics and textures as […]

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Don Mattrick named CEO of Zynga

Zynga have confirmed that Don Mattrick is their new CEO effective 8th July. Don takes up this post at Zynga following his 6 years at Microsoft (last 3 in charge of the whole interactive entertainment division – basically XBOX) and a stint at EA. There’s no word from Microsoft as yet as to who will […]


Portable Squeeeee – R-Type coming to Android

DotEmu follows up their iOS port of IREM’s classic shooter R-Type with a version for the thinking mans phone.


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