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July 7, 2014

Destiny Beta – PS3/4 – 17th July, Xbox One/360 – 23rd July

Bungie have announced that the Destiny Beta will launch on the Playstation platforms on the 17th July.

The Xbox Platforms will then follow on the 23rd July. The Playstation beta will stop on the 21st July for Maintainence and restart on the 23rd July.

The beta ends on the 28th July, so Xbox owners, you only get 5 days of beta time.

If you pre-ordered and entered the code you recieved for Beta access on then you’ll be able to pick your platform of choice for the beta from the 10th July.

The beta content starts just after the start of the main game and will feature some story missions and a strike mission as well as some PvP matches in the [...]

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July 7, 2014

Destiny Limited Edition and Ghost Edition announced.

Activision and Bungie have announced three limited edition versions of Destiny.

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