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September 22, 2010 closure – Real, Genuine Tragedy or Terrible Marketing Failure **UPDATED**

When Good Old Games announced today, out of the blue, that they are closing down, there was a disturbance in the gaming force, as if millions of gamers who like owning old gaming properties that are being squatted on by their publishers cried out in terror!

Only being the internet, nobody was really silenced…

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October 28, 2009

#MW2 – One huge bundle of controversy?

It’s safe to say that the biggest game of the year is also going to easily be the most controversial.  What’s more, it’s not always for the right reasons!

From car batteries, through dollar bills, too airports, some thoughts below…

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May 11, 2009

*THI4F* confirmed… (urgh)

Not content with having its existence being one of the worst kept secrets since, well, Otto Frederick Rohwedder tried to hide his Automated Edible Dough Dividing Machine from the masses (sorry), Thief 4 has been confirmed, with the ever sensible marketing gurus giving it a horrible name – Thi4f…  I mean, what the FUCK is that all about?

Hopefully it’s one of those things that will be swiftly undone once the hype-machine makes way for common sense – the website is, after all, simply…  Check that out, where you can ‘Join the Discussion’ (most of which will probably be ‘wtf is with the stupid [...]

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