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February 26, 2009

Bench those Remnants – Square release Last Remnant Demo & Benchmark tools

To celebrate the release of The Last Remnant on PC, Square Enix have given everyone the opportunity to see if they like it before having it locked to their Steam account for ever and a day (the game uses Steamworks for save games, possibly giving SteamCloud more too do that just store L4D & TF2 control sets) but putting out a demo that weighs in at approximately 1GB.

Alongside the demo comes a benchmarking utility to prove that the hyper-optimised Unreal 3 engine is, well, hyper-optimised.  For the record, my aging Core 2 machine (going on 2 years old now) managed a average 65fps, only once dropping below 30fps for a fraction of a second.  Eat that Xbox 360!

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February 24, 2009

Steam delivers Remnant to the PC

In what seems like a resurgence in love of the PC following Capcoms announcement that pretty much all their upcoming releases are coming to the PC, Square Enix are bringing their recent Unreal 3-engined Action RPG, The Last Remnant, to the PC on March the 24th via Valve’s Steam platform.

Press release (& now trailer) hiding below…

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