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March 25, 2009

Wheelman Wanted?: Wanted & Wheelman both Ship

Retail outlets are taking receipt of MANY boxes of movie-sequel-come-tie-in-shooter Wanted: Weapons of Fate & the Unreal 3/Vin Diesel powered video-game-that’s-soon-too-be-a-movie The Wheelman, the former also being available on Steam (in most countries, anyway).

Check out demos of Wanted on all 3 formats in the usual places.  The Wheelman demo is only available on consoles and can be acquired from the respective networks.

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December 18, 2008

He’s a WHEEL boy!

Vin Diesel is the celebrity video gamer!

Not content to speak about them all the time and name drop ‘playing on PlayStation’ in every film he’s in, but he even owns his own damn games studio that has managed to stay afloat for 6 years whilst only being actively involved in ONE GAME!  Take that Free Radical!

There is a new game coming soon though.  It’s called The Wheelman and there’s a trailer after the cut…

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