F.E.A.R. 2 c.l.e.a.r.e.d. (for sale in Australia)

Australia - Land of Kangaroos!Determined to prove they’re as inconsistent as ever, the Australian OFLC has decided to reclassify the recently banned sequel to Monolith’s shooter as MA 15+, allowing its sale at retail (probably to minors).

Games on Net carries the article following breaking the story of the games ban-titude a month ago.

This change of heart probably has something to do with fact that the guy making the announcement, a one Trevor Griffin, carries the title Acting Classification Review Board Convenor, which could signify a change of management at the government department that has drawn a fair amount of flak over the recent years for its un-necessary strong handed dealing with video games, as evidenced by the enforced removal of the drug morphine from Fallout 3.

The official word is…

After considering extensive submissions and demonstrations of game play across all levels, the Review Board concluded that the level of violence in the computer game, whilst strong, could be accommodated within the MA 15+ classification.

The collective sighs of many a lucrative video game import business in Australasia could be heard for as far as Katmandu!

Source – Blues

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