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Terminator Salivation – Salvation game trailer released

Termina-tah!Those Spike VGAs just keep on giving!

Terminator Salvation is (essentially) the fourth Terminator film, but it holds the awkward distinction of being a pseudo-reboot too…  boot!  The focus seems to have shifted squarely from the steely-eyed evil-robot-goes-good to the squishy humans of the piece and their survival of the enevitable Judgement Day & the ensuing war that Sarah Conner so didn’t want to happen.

The game, developed by GRIN (Ballistics, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter & Bionic Commando) & the license holder Halcyon‘s game division (cleverly titled Halcyon Games), seems to be a perculiar mix of Gears of War & Ghost Recon.

Fingers crossed that they don’t cop out on the difficulty/bullet-soaking gameplay by making your character yet another reprogrammed machine with a recognisable celebrity face and decide to focus on the squishy but numerous & feisty Tech-Com rebel force.

Trailer after this machined columbite-tantalite break…

[youtube SMFfm1Rmhpo]

Not too sold on these first impressions too be honest…  Firstly, post-apocalyptic earth in the Terminator universe is forever dark (likely due to nuclear winter and the need to move at night for cover).  It’s not the games fault, since the movie is doing it too, but daytime combat?  Sounds like suicide too me.

Secondly, we’ve got the above-mentioned problem of the character being a bullet-sponge – hard to explain without going the usual cop-out Terminator way.

Still, it’s early days.  I just hope we aren’t looking at ‘another movie tie-in’.

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