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Kikizo interviews Terminal Reality on Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters logoAs the title suggests, Kikizo have interviewed Terminal Reality (unsurprisingly) about their Ghostbusters game that was recently saved from the chasm of oblivion by (of all people) Atari.

They touch upon (amongst other things) the multi-player mode, the boss fights, the original premise of the game being an official ‘Ghostbusters 3’ and anticipation about being picked up by someone when Activision bought into the MMO cash cow that was WoW merged with Vivendi, coupled with damning indication that their reason for being dropped was because Activision couldn’t make a yearly franchise out of the license…

Kikizo: There’s a story going round that Activision didn’t pick it up because they couldn’t make a sequel…

Douglas: Yeah, even [Activision boss] Bobby Kotick came out with that… They can’t really serialise and annualise a game like this where there’s not a movie released every year, and we kind of understand their position on that. We used to have a good relationship with those guys. It’s unfortunate, and we were still shocked that they weren’t going to carry on with Ghostbusters – it seemed like such a no-brainer to us – but we understand the position, that’s just their business problem.


Read the full article here.

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