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Tales from the Black Library – DoW 2 video tells a story
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Tales from the Black Library – DoW 2 video tells a story

by Andrew BryantJanuary 15, 2009

Space MarineRelic have released a new video for Dawn of War 2 that shows a battle between 3 chapters of Space Marines (DoW stalwarts the Blood Ravens, Ultramarines & the Space Wolves for the fans) and a massed Orc horde.

Narrated by the Ravens Force Commander, the video further highlights the move from base-oriented gameplay to the new squad-focused combat and the unique units and abilities deployable in the game.

Whilst not explicitly showing anything new, the game shows the same sort of mini story-bubbles that were so prevelant in Company of Heroes.

View the trailer after the jump…

[gametrailers 44403]

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