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Wayward Wii-mote wii-ly injures dog – Journalistic integrity prevails
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Wayward Wii-mote wii-ly injures dog – Journalistic integrity prevails

by Andrew BryantJanuary 15, 2009

Computers N Stuff Wii-Watch - he's staring into YOUR SOUL!The Wii nearly claimed another life in the post-christmas Wii break-in period (defined by dividing the time the console was removed from its box by the time since it started gathering dust on a shelf).

Joystiq is carrying the story of a woman from Michigan who, whilst playing Wii-Bowling (why won’t people learn and stop playing Wii-Sports?) accidentally struck the family puppy in the head, killing it, only for some other woman to give it mouth-to-mouth and find out that it wasn’t quite dead after all (after the in-depth description of how her partner handed her the phone and she held it too her head…  How astute!).

Read more for the frankly awful news story in video-hicular form…

[youtube KuWVbab6Q68]

Were this a story from the UK, the woman would have been banned from owning pets for life, her children taken away from her and Nintendo fined for animal cruelty!

Frankly, the sooner the Wii is banned, the sooner I can retire that creepy picture of that kid…

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