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October 15, 2009

The Last Stand-ening: DoW2 patched to 1.8 – delivers promises

The 1.8 patch for Dawn of War (colloquially referred too as ‘The Last Stand’ patch) is live on Steam, bringing with it (unsurprisingly) the Last Stand game mode along with a load of other tweaks too the game.

The mode allows up to 3 players (playing as Space Marine Captains, Ork Mekboys or Eldar Farseers) to face off against progressively harder waves of Tyranids.  Stats are tracked, XP is earned and your favourite warrior(s) are stored against your Live account, such is the way these days.

Trailer and full patch notes after the cut…

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September 29, 2009

Dawn of War 2 Content Bonanza

Dawn of War 2 seems to be getting all the loving lately – the initial release wasn’t overly hot, what with the awkward campaign and Games for Windows: Live bollocks, but several patches down the line and things are much improved.

The recent ‘There is only War’ update dramatically rebalanced the game, the imminent Last Stand update adds a co-op & hero-centric game mode too the mix and now Chaos makes a return too the mix with the first official expansion pack, cunningly titled ‘Chaos Rising’.

The teasers for Chaos Rising and Last Stand are after the cut…

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February 11, 2009

Virals-R-Us : THQ made a Rhino Tank

Basically, it’s what it says on the tin.

THQ, in cohorts with Games Workshop and Tanks-a-Lot, made a real Space Marine Rhino tank and then set about demolishing (admittedly worthy of such destruction) cars.

[youtube 6PEU_201IfI]

Need I say more?  Find out how the Rhino was built here, if that sort of thing turns you on 🙂

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January 21, 2009

Dawn of War II Beta – Early Access for Soulstorm owners

Valve have announced that all owners of retail, Steam and rival digital download versions of Iron Lore’s (R.I.P.) Soulstorm expansion pack for the original Dawn of War are entitled to participate in the Dawn of War II Multiplayer Beta test today, one week ahead of the public beta test being opened to the, well, public on the 28th of January.

To participate, all one has too do is either:

Buy Soulstorm over Steam for the special discounted price of $7.50/£4.25.  Presumably, the option to download the beta will arrive alongside your purchase.


Register a valid CD-key from a retail boxed or other digital download version of Soulstorm.  As above, the beta will [...]
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