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Deadly Ironic – L4D & Dead Space Postmortems
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Deadly Ironic – L4D & Dead Space Postmortems

by Andrew BryantJanuary 16, 2009

Left 4 Dead & Dead Space Afterthoughts1Up.com (or what’s left of it) is now carrying retrospectives looking into last years double-whammy of undead shoot-em-ups.

The Left 4 Dead ‘afterthoughts’ cover such topics as the concept behind the infection, Louis’ origins as a god botherer and the shear number of procedural conversations the survivors can (and will) have.

It’s worth chiming in that the latest issue of PCZone (which should have hit subscriber doormats today) also has a similar article.

The Dead Space counterpart lists the difficulties of getting a new IP started at a company like EA, character analysis (and/or plot holes, depending on how you view it) and hidden messages in the chapter titles.

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