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Death, Thoughts & Characters: Heavy Rain footage *UPDATED*
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Death, Thoughts & Characters: Heavy Rain footage *UPDATED*

by Andrew BryantMay 22, 2009

Heavy Rain logo

Two trailers for the latest interactive movie/game from Quantic Dream have been released, the first revealing one of the four main characters who players will control throughout the game whilst the second explores how the game deals with both death & how the the situations presented throughout the story affect the main characters thoughts & actions.

Updated – Even more trailers have been released…  Gameplay footage abound!

Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was a really good game, right up until the final act, when it just went strange as the pseudo-realistic setting (with its slight hints of paranormal and/or occult influences) just seemed to disappear, leaving behind a confusing Matrix-esque clusterfuck of plot thread resolution, necrophilia and nonsensical decisions.

That fight on the roof of the motel was fucking neat though and the earlier game was pretty gripping in places.  They also pre-empted Guitar Hero by allowing you to play a guitar by following on-screen prompts, which had the plus of letting you shag your ex if you got it right!

Anyway, it didn’t sell too great (and neither did Quantic Dreams earlier game, The Nomad Soul/Omikron, which had its own problems), so lets hope David Cage’s next magnum opus, Heavy Rain, a PS3 exclusive (oh dear, so much for sales), does better.

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