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LOOK OUT! – Fallout 3: Point Lookout Trailer
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LOOK OUT! – Fallout 3: Point Lookout Trailer

by Andrew BryantJune 3, 2009

Point Lookout logo

Bethesda have set a date (23rd of June for the Xbox 360 & PC over the various Live platforms, with a PS3 release due after the earlier packages hit the platform ‘soon’) and released a trailer (after the cut) for the next Fallout 3 DLC pack, which is set in a mysterious swamp-filled coastal town called Point Lookout.  The pack promises an open-ended quest, new enemies that bear a passing resemblance to the cast of Deliverance and a double-barrelled shotgun with which to put them down.


NB – I am planning to get the full Broken Steel review out, but seeing as its endgame content and my character isn’t, well, at the endgame yet, it’ll come along shortly…

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