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Bourne Again? – Sam Fisher gets more physical with his Convictions
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Bourne Again? – Sam Fisher gets more physical with his Convictions

by Andrew BryantJune 2, 2009

Any ideas?

As noted on the RPS article, Sam’s been pushed into the background recently by newbie Altair & his bretheren, but after some time off to sort his life out following the death of his daughter and/or the shambles that was Double Agent, Ubisoft have unleashed Fisher back into the wild, ready to smash many a terrorists face into the nearest available basin.

The focus no-longer seems to be distinctly about hiding, with the general gameplay being retooled into a third-person brawler-cum-sneaky shooter that combines some of Splinter Cells trademarks (particularly snooping under doors, although the snake-cam has been replaced with a broken mirror shard) with Assassin’s Creed parkour & Gears of War-esque cover mechanics.

We’re not too sold on the shooting aspect, which seems to be following several recent Ubi games down the ‘auto-pilot with QTEs’ route, but that may just be a side-effect of either the demo being shown at E3 or just un-finished gameplay.

Here’s what looks to be an intro & some pretty shirty gameplay, with Sam kicking some guys ass before infiltrating a mansion…

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