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Batmobile loses wheel – PC Arkham Asylum delayed
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Batmobile loses wheel – PC Arkham Asylum delayed

by Andrew BryantAugust 8, 2009


EIDOS have announced that the Bat-PC release of the much-wanted Batman: Arkham Asylum has been delayed until the 15th/18th (US/EU respectively) of September.  No real Bat-reason has been given for the Bat-delay, although the cynic in me says its the old ‘PC piracy cannibalises console sales’ spiele.

The announcement has been softened somewhat by the revelation that the game fully supports PhysX on newer Nvidia hardware (8800 cards upwards, as usual) and the release of (*shock*) a demo for all release formats, including the PC.

The Bat-demo is available from the usual places for the console crowd, whilst NZone, Gamers Hell and Big Download are among the mirrors hosting the PC version, which weighs in at ~2GB of Bat-data.

There are also a metric tonne of Bat-trailers and Bat-making-ofs after the Bat-cut.

(That’s just about enough Bat-jokes for one day! – Barry)

[gametrailers 53923]

[gametrailers 53912]

[gametrailers 53902]

[gametrailers 53903]

As mentioned above, Batman: Arkham Asylum is due later this month on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (the latter featuring exclusive Joker levels out of the box) whilst the PC release follows mid-September, featuring Nvidia’s PhysX.

Can’t Bat-wait!!!!

(You’re FIRED! – Barry)

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