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PAX 2009 Trailers

PAX 2009Never before has a post title so essentially decided the tags I attach too it!

PAX 2009 has just finished and, swine-flu not-withstanding, it was a success.

There’s a metric ass-load of trailers after the cut, some of which require you to prove that you were born on January 1st, 1900…  You have been forewarned!

[gametrailers 55653]

Scribblenauts is still looking fantastic and if they don’t consider porting it too the PC, i’d happily buy a DS somewhere down the line to play it.  It’s innovation like this that is driving the industry!

[gametrailers 55643]

I’ve finally managed to actually start Mass Effect for the PC and am enjoying it furiously (inbetween bouts of kicking Barry’s ass at Street Fighter IV).  It’s sequel is due for both Xbox 360 & PC early next year, which is nice!

[gametrailers 55560]

The next release from Twisted Pixel (The Maw, ‘Splosion Man) is Comic Jumper.  First impressions are ‘Earthworm Jim had sex with Ms. Pac Man’, but i’m sure more will come too light after some gameplay is shown!

[gametrailers 55627]

The token casual equivalent to SHIFT’s more hardcore(-ish) audience, Need for Speed: NITRO seems to have the arcade cop chases sewn up.  Looks a bit poop too be honest, but then i’m not a fan of the Wii’s waggle-happy mediocrity.

[gametrailers 55602]

Lost Planet 2 is the less cold follow up to, surprisingly, Lost Planet.  What is being sold as ‘Co-Op’ gameplay doesn’t seem to extend to proper plot-driven gameplay, rather Team-based challenges (what with the respawing etc).  Will it improve on the originals stilted gameplay?  Probably not!

[gametrailers 55526]

Uncharted 2 is the sequel to Uncharted.  Uncharted is considered a PS3 killer app, ergo Uncharted 2 should be good.

[gametrailers 55510]

[gametrailers 55483]

Just as Uncharted is the PS3 best buy, NMH has been a shining Wii-shaped light in a sea of shit and shovelware – NMH 2 should, in theory, give it a stablemate.

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