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Transformative Years – War for Cybertron footage
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Transformative Years – War for Cybertron footage

by Andrew BryantFebruary 27, 2010

The teaser trailer for War for Cybertron didn’t give a lot away…  The bullshot rendered movie showed everyone where they were intending to go but didn’t drop much in the way of gameplay.

As a result, reservations were cast and everyone moved on, leaving everyone firmly divided into either the ‘wait and see’ or ‘it’ll be a pile of poo’ camp.  After all, every other attempt to provide a video game outlet for everyone’s favourite Robots in Disguise has been average at best.

Well, now Activision have given us a trailer, which lives after the cut.

[gametrailers 62342]

80’s transformation sounds – CHECK

Hybrid G1/TF Animated graphic style – CHECK

Soundwave – CHECK

Optimus Prime – CHECK

Omega Supreme – CHECK!

Unfortunately, it just looks like a generic third-person shooter, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if they get the atmosphere, story and experience right.  There is, after all, only so many ways of doing robots blowing shit up.

One missed opportunity looks to be a proper character creator, but maybe I’m just spoiled by BioWare…

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