New U(I) – Valve Beta test revamped Steam interface

We all love Steam…

Too a PC gamer, its the electromagical love-child of a best friend (because everyone else hates us because we’re apparently evil pirate ninja cowboys) and that nice local storekeeper who used to give you lollies when you were younger (yes, him – no, not his bitch wife who actually hated the idea of children and instigated that ‘Maximum 2 youth at once’ rule).

Now, Valve, in a long overdue effort to make it much more lovely, have finally rejigged a lot of things wrong with its aging interface.

Internet Exploder is gone as a rendering engine (Chrome/Safari stalwart WebKit is in), there’s a proper download manager, everything is coated to the hilt in socially-networked gubbins and the games list has had a nice Javascripty-overhaul.

Interestingly, the use of WebKit and the existence of a bundle of Mac-tailored icons in the source files for the Test UI offer to the strongest confirmation yet that Valve are looking to port the platform to the Cult of Steve Jobs OSX.

You can sign up to the rounded corners and Web-2.0-ness of the new interface by opting in to the Beta using the Settings menu.

A word of warning – several bugs exist, notably including one that forces several games to re-download.  Most notable offenders are Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and the multiplayer component of Modern Warfare 2 (yes, all 12GB of it), presumably because of the UI changes not playing nice with said games.

By Andrew Bryant

The resident PC elitist fanatic enthusiast, Andrew’s grim outlook on the industry provides CNS with a hefty dollop of its news content. Oh, and he has managed to convince Barry to let him review stuff too!

Hilarity ensues!

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