SOS New York – Crysis 2 Teaser Trailer *UPDATED*

EA premièred a teaser for Crysis 2 in Time Square meaning, predictably, at least one of the Internet’s vast contingent was available to film it and post it to YouTube.

The trailer currently links to www.sosnewyork.com, which just has a timer (presumably counting down to some HD/expanded trailer goodness), but watch this space!

Lets just hope the game goes some way to explain why we’ve moved from tropical islands to New York!

*UPDATE* – The website is now live, with an extended HD-ified trailer, which can be found beneath the cut.

Visit http://www.sosnewyork.com

Does Crysis 2 Game works fine on 512MB graphics card ?

Waiting for your reply !!!
  • P
  • March 3, 2011
it better do - if it works on a console then I will be very unhappy if it doesn't

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