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July 24, 2009

Because it ain’t just about the comics no more – SDCC trailers

It seems these days that every expo under the sun is suitable for showing off the latest trailers for games – when the Call Centre Expo in the Brimingham NEC starts showing off the latest 360 releases, they can pay me royalties or something for calling it!

Regardless, hit the jump for footage from the show.  Highlights include some proper stylish Borderlands footage, further proof that the PC is realllllly the platform too play Left 4 Dead 2 on, more sneaky Alpha Protocol footage and more…

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March 16, 2009

Will Beta be less buggy?: Alpha Protocol Trailer

I’m hoping the title is a misnomer, given Obsidian’s past form (which honestly gives Troika a run for their money!), you can’t blame me for being apprehensive.

Regardless, Alpha Protocol is looking good – Bourne really rejigged the spy genre (hence why they copied the style for the Craig-powered Bond films) and this looks too be the bastard child of Ludlum’s effort and Mass Effect.

To quote Mr. Walker, no magic goblets = good.  Trailer after the jump.

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January 7, 2009

SEGA 2009 Release Schedule – Game Not Over for Colonial Marines

Meta-publisher SEGA have released their early-2009 release schedule, including choice morsels such as definitive March release dates for Madworld & Empire: Total War (but we knew that anyway), over-confident Q1 releases for Alpha Protocol & the feared-dead Aliens: Colonial Marines and possibly-2009-but-we’re-not-really-sure releases for Xbox/PS3 DMC-esque Bayonetta.

Source –

The full list lives after the jump…

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