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September 18, 2009

Now with realistic plastic underwear! – Modern Warfare 2 Special Edition #47

Obviously not content with HMV snapping the UK rights to the mega-expensive Sex-pest Edition of Modern Warfare 2, GAME have lept in there to attempt to re-assert themselves as numero-uno in the high-street Modern Warfare 2 Special Edition war.

Called the Veteran package, it comes with the same ‘Hardened Edition’ as the Prestige Edition (meaning alongside the unique content, you get the game (*shock*), a Steelbook game case, art book and Call of Duty on XBLA/PSN), only instead of the bargain-basement night vision goggles & stand you get a doll…

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August 8, 2009

Operation Hat-point – Codemasters attempt to out-silly rivals

Well, at least Activision’s effort allows you to spy the girl next door…

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July 14, 2009

Now, YOU TOO can perve on the neighbours, courtesy of MW2!!!

Cast your minds back to the last, excessive special edition…

Thinking of the BioShock SE w. fake soundtrack & Big Daddy figure?  Think bigger!  Hows about the imminent Batman: Arkham Asylum SE with 1:1 Batarang & Wildstorm Art Book?  Come on, you can do better than that!

Hows about Actizzard offering up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (note the apparently re-introduced brand name) in a Prestige Edition, which includes:

The highly anticipated sequel in a nice steelbook case An artbook The original Call of Duty (branded Call of Duty : Classic) over PSN/XBLA A plastic molded head for (wait for it)… FULL FUNCTIONING NIGHT VISION [...]
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