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September 29, 2010

Straight from the top: Activision/EA spat continues

Who knew being the head honcho of a big multi-national games publisher conglomerate could be so fun!

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July 27, 2010

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty released

That’s right people, after over 12 years, Actizzard (nee Blizzard) have pumped out the next instalment of e-sporting RTS & sci-fi epic StarCraft II (well, part of it anyway).

In related news, nobody in South Korea turned up for work today!  Officials are currently investigating whether the two items are linked…

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March 2, 2010

Under Siege – IW raided by Activision, heads rolling

Infinity Ward, the gurus behind the good (or ‘sorta alright’, depending who you ask) parts of the Call of Duty series, have been raided by their slave paymasters at Activision.

Reports state that security guards were posted at the entrance to the offices, el-presidente’s for life Zampella & West have been sacked for ‘breaches of contract & insubordination’ and a giant mechanical gorilla unleashed by the former bosses is current terrorising down-town Encino.  Of course, the latter may not be true, as reports from the scene are sketchy at best!

Whether this is related to either the handling of Modern Warfare 2’s various [...]

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September 18, 2009

Now with realistic plastic underwear! – Modern Warfare 2 Special Edition #47

Obviously not content with HMV snapping the UK rights to the mega-expensive Sex-pest Edition of Modern Warfare 2, GAME have lept in there to attempt to re-assert themselves as numero-uno in the high-street Modern Warfare 2 Special Edition war.

Called the Veteran package, it comes with the same ‘Hardened Edition’ as the Prestige Edition (meaning alongside the unique content, you get the game (*shock*), a Steelbook game case, art book and Call of Duty on XBLA/PSN), only instead of the bargain-basement night vision goggles & stand you get a doll…

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