Ghostbusters (literally) half-baked

The situation is now *this* bad

Think the EU Sony-exclusive cluster fuck that is Ghostbusters: The Game couldn’t get any worse?

It just did…

Firstly, the US PC release of the game is completely bereft of any of the promised Co-Op multiplayer, instead simply relying on the internet to make sure that the paying genuine customers filthy nasty pirates aren’t stealing Terminal Realities game babies and eating them.

The official word – The console releases were a higher priority:

Multiplayer for the PC version of Ghostbusters is something that Threewave and Terminal Reality always wanted to do. However, our focus was on making the console version the best that they could be – an experience that allows multiple players to re-live and re-fight many of the themes from the movies. When we looked at the resources necessary to pull off multiplayer on the consoles and the PC, it became a question of what could we do and still be excellent in our execution. We couldn’t do all versions with multiplayer simultaneously with the resources that we had available – there was simply too much to do. Something would have to suffer. Therefore, we kept our focus on making the console versions deliver on the promise of being an integral player on the Ghostbusters team.

Source – Big Download

Of course, there’s still the outside chance that the EU PC release might get an online component (given the *ahem* ‘extended development time’) with the US release getting a patch, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Secondly, bugs & glitches (or, wait for it, poltergeists).  Lots of them.  From stuck characters to falling through the map geometry.

[youtube ZXG46Qt2r48]

Finally, the PS3 release (you know, the one Sony paid extra for EU exclusitivity) doesn’t even meet 720P standard (it runs at 960 X 540), whilst the Xbox version does.

And there we were, thinking Atari would get it right…

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  • June 18, 2009
Always bet on Atari to release a buggy game.

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