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Sony poach (PAL) Ghostbusters – Bad Times

Ghostbusters logoMere weeks from release, Sony has decided that the imminent Blu-Ray release of the original Ghostbusters films didn’t have enough of a marketing push, therefore they have thrown a hefty chunk of cash towards the as ever terminally-strapped-for-cash Atari.

The result = Platform exclusivity for the PS3 & PS2 (with the PSP coming along later) for the foreseeable future.

What this means for the Xbox 360, PC, Wii or DS releases at the moment is unknown, although rumours state that Atari will be publishing them later (presumably using the bung from Sony as finance, assuming they haven’t died off by then).

*sigh* Games industry, I do love you really…


It seems that, so far, this only extends to the PAL release (possibly because Atari hates the EU, as evidenced by its spotty history with Steam in the EU).

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