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January 10, 2009

‘Make DLC, not DRM’ – DoW 2 Interview

Strategy Informer have posted an interview with Relic’s Jonny Ebbert, lead designer on Dawn of War II.

Whilst mostly just covering the same groundwork about the game that others have before (The move from base-building to a more squad-focused game, Tyranids etc.), there are two interesting quotes that stand out from the rest.

Read the full article here or read more for some analysis…

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January 6, 2009

Guerrillas in the Mist – Red Faction: Guerrilla Q&A has an interview with Rick White of Volition, producer on their third-person (nee first-person) shooter set on the dust red and geo-moddable landscapes of Mars.

An interesting point of note is Volition’s claim to be ramping the Xbox 360 hardware (which is clearly the lead platform, as usual these days) to its very limits – a fact not unusual when you consider how their FreeSpace games pushed the PC hardware of the time to it’s absolute limits.

Gameplayer: So you’re saying that RFG is pushing the hardware as far as it can go? Squeezing every drop of juice out of the Xbox 360?

Rick White: Yeah, we’ve got it to the point where we [...]

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December 16, 2008

Kikizo interviews Terminal Reality on Ghostbusters

As the title suggests, Kikizo have interviewed Terminal Reality (unsurprisingly) about their Ghostbusters game that was recently saved from the chasm of oblivion by (of all people) Atari.

They touch upon (amongst other things) the multi-player mode, the boss fights, the original premise of the game being an official ‘Ghostbusters 3’ and anticipation about being picked up by someone when Activision bought into the MMO cash cow that was WoW merged with Vivendi, coupled with damning indication that their reason for being dropped was because Activision couldn’t make a yearly franchise out of the license…

Kikizo: There’s a story going round that [...]

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